Premium HD Bluetooth Selfie Remote Control Camera Shutter for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Android, iPad, iPod, Tablets

These are pretty simple little devices – a selfie remote. Connect it to your phone via Bluetooth. There is a small switch on the side to turn it on. Once it’s on and connected to your phone you can use it up to about 30 feet away. Selfies that are taken holding the camera can only go so far. Take your selfies to the next level, step back and get the big picture.

Premium HD Bluetooth Selfie Remote Control Camera Shutter for iPhone, Samsung, Galaxy, Android, iPad, iPod, Tablets.

You can snap the selfie remote on your key-ring, that way you can have it handy at all times. You will want to turn it off when not in use to save the battery. The battery is a replaceable type CR 2016 3 volt. They run roughly a couple of dollars for a package. I have yet to replace mine, even though I’ve had it for over a year. I do keep mine off when not in use.

Is the remote capable of activating more than one iphone at once?

Answer: No, all shutters once paired are uniquely connected to a single device. You can, however, connect 2 shutters to one phone. We’ve done that in our tests before. Regards Technical Support, iGenio

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Does this work with ios 12.2 on latest iphone xs? my old bluetooth (another vendor) stopped pairing?

Answer: Yes, it’s good for all iPhones including the XS model running iOS 12.2. Regards Tech Support, iGenio
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Will this remote operate video on and off with a samsung galaxy sky pro phone? without downloading a separate app?

Answer: Hi, i’m pleased to confirm that this cellphone works with our Bluetooth shutter using the native camera app only. The shutter will automatically start and stop the video although you will need to select video mode in prior to using the shutter first. Regards, iGenio Technical Support
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Iphone 7+ does it burst when button is held down?

Answer: No, it’s a simple on/off type function. Holding down the button has no function. Thank you.
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Does this remote have the ability to pause video on a Samsung 7

Answer: This device remotely operates the native camera on iOS and Android cellphones. You press the button the to take a photo in whatever video mode you’ve chosen. On iPhones, you can start/stop videos but not pause. On some Androids you can also do this but, again, not pause. Regards Technical Support, iGenio
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Does the remote auto shut off after some time if you forget to turn the on/off switch to the “Off” position?

Answer: It doesn’t automatically shut off
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Does it work on Windows 10 phone?

Answer: Unfortunately not. Most Bluetooth shutters are designed only for iOS (iPhone) and Android operating systems like this one. We don’t know of any model currently that is compatible with the Windows o/s. Regards Technical Support, iGenio
  • Simple to Use
  • Snaps on Key-chain
  • Battery Powered
  • 30ft Range
  • Could be Flatter
  • Gets a bit beat up in a Pocket
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