Plantronics Voyager Phone Headset Review

This is the first small wearable phone headset that I’ve purchased, here’s my review. I used plenty of the regular style headset so this was a new experience for me. Step one, find the right ear bud. There are a few choices included. I picked mine out and put it on the headset.

MonkeyHACKs Getting the ear bud off was a bit difficult, you have to push in and turn it. I ruined the one that came with the unit trying to change it, I just pulled it off, oops. Fortunately that one didn’t fit me so no loss. See the instructions from the owner’s manual below. (Probably should have read the manual first)

Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset Compatible with iPhone Android and Other Leading Smartphones Change Ear Bud

How Does It Fit?

Putting it on I found it amazingly light, it weighs in at 0.67 ounces. It took a little time to get comfortable having something over my ear. I wear reading glasses and have had no problems with fit and comfort. You can wear it on either ear, you just have to rotate the mic bar and turn the ear piece around. It is water and sweat resistant. I have listened to music through the headset and the sound quality is good, but it’s only on one side.

How Does it Sound?

The sound is as good as using the phone itself. I’ve found the sound quality to be good. My brother has one as well and we use them constantly. Since it’s only in one ear, in a noisy environment you can be overwhelmed with sound from your uncovered ear. I can still hear the phone, but trying to sort out the sounds is more difficult. A proper fitting ear bud is the key.

Noise Canceling Microphone

Surprisingly, there are 3 microphones with built in windscreens. They are designed to screen out wind noise and also improve voice pickup. They do a good job, I can still hear background noises, unless it’s something like a truck, bus or EMS with sirens. These sounds do not interfere with the quality of voice.

Talk Time on Full Charge

I think one of the most important features of any wireless device is battery life. I like this feature, when you turn it on or give a short press on the call button it will tell you which phone it’s connected to and the remaining talk time. They do have an app for both iPhone and Android. There is a downloadable software program for both the PC and Mac. You can adjust setting in the headset and update the headset from a PC or Mac once you install the software and connect it to the computer with the charging cable. A full charge takes about 90 minutes.

Monkey Hacks: The charging system uses a magnetic catch to hold the charger against the headset. Over time these contacts can become dirty and can effect the charging system. If you have an issue with charging most likely it’s dirty contacts. Take a cotton swab and a little rubbing alcohol and clean the contacts on the headset and the charger (unplugged of course).

Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset Compatible with iPhone Android and Other Leading Smartphones Power Connector

What is the Smart Sensor?

The sensor detects when you are wearing it on your ear. If your headset is on and you receive a call, it will announce the call. If it’s on, but not on your ear, putting it on will automatically answer your call. I usually have mine turned off. When a call rings, I turn on the power and put it on. That’s all you have to do which is a nice feature. If you don’t want to use the Smart Sensor, connect the phone headset with the charging cable to a computer and you can turn off that feature with the software.

Smart Call Routing

The headset will also route your call, to the phone or headset if your wearing it. Putting it on also automatically routes the call to the headset. It will pause music if your listening to it on the headset and switch to your call. Once your call is complete it will resume your music, no buttons to press.


There is a volume up/down button at the top of the ear. The power switch is in the middle of the back of the unit and easy to find. The mute button is on the mic boom. It will be on the bottom when worn on your right ear and on top if on the left. The call button is on the end of the boom mic up where it joins the ear piece, again easy to find by feel. The call button is where most of the action is, a short press tells you the talk time and which phone it is connected to. A short press also disconnects a call. A long press (2 seconds) will activate your voice assistant like Siri if your phone has one.


The system has 14 different languages that you can use. Using the PC or Mac app you can select your language preference.

Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset Language Choices

Bluetooth Range

The stated range is supposed to be 30 feet (10 meters). The distance can be affected by walls or other factors. In my usage it’s pretty close to correct. At 30 feet the signal starts to break up a bit. Other factors like a case on your phone can have some effect on the distance. These are limitations mainly because it uses Bluetooth, which is designed to be short range.

Conclusion – Plantronics Voyager Headset Review

I’ve been using it since December 2018 and I have found it to be dependable, easy to use. Lots of features. I would like more talk time, but then who wouldn’t. I have yet to run the battery all the way down in a days work. So for an average user the time should be sufficient. It’s comfortable to wear, provides good sound quality and my callers can hear me quite well. I’ll give this a buy recommendation. For the price it’s a good value.

Is there much difference between Voyager Pro HD and the Legend?

Answer: Big difference. The Legend is smaller/more comfortable to wear and allows caller to hear better; prompts for voice commands; has a longer battery life; has a new charger that works faster with an easy on/off switch; has a volume control that is easier to use and a mute button and it pairs instantly.
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The magnetic charger – Can it be charged by a regular micro USB charger ?

Answer: No, the headset unit itself takes only a proprietary connector. It includes a regular USB adapter with a power adapter to plug into a wall outlet. You would really benefit from getting the separate hard case for it, which *does* take a standard micro-USB charger.
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Can you mute your voice with this product? If yes, then how is it done?

Answer: Yes. There is a button located on the boom close to where the boom pivots. It’s very convenient. If you wear the device on your left ear as I do, you press the button using your left hand index finger using your thumb for leverage. If using the device on your right ear, you use your right hand thumb to press the mute button using your index figure for leverage. When pressed, there is audio that reminds you that you have just activated the muting feature.
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Does it fit both, left and right ear?

Answer: Yes, it does.
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Does it work with Siri?

Answer: Yes. Press the activation button on the back of the headset. There are several tones. You have to wait until they are completed, at which point Siri is activated. Works fine.
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I connect my iPhone to my Car for music and if my iPhone is paired with Voyager, what happens when I receive a call? will the car music gets paused?

Answer: If you have your ear piece on, then plug your phone into a device for playing music through your car – and your phone rings, it will default to the ear piece. I answered a call, and the music stopped so I could answer the phone through my ear piece.
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Does this headset does the call announce who is calling?

Answer: Yes it does. It will ask permission to access your address book. It will then be able to identify the calls when they come in.
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Can I use it as a normal mic to talk to voice commands on Samsung devices to do what I want with the phone?

Answer: Yes, I use this feature every day.
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Is there a USB charger in addition to magnetic one?

Answer: No , magnetic is only way to charge it.
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Does Plantronics Voyager Legend come with chargers for car and home?

Answer: It comes with the wires to plug into your charger. Uses a special wire to charge but USB connection on it!
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What is the range?

Answer: The Voyager Legend has Up to 33 feet (10 meters) of range between your earpiece and the phone. The range feature is within an open space. Range may vary due to the material of walls. Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer care group at 800-985-9815 if you require assistance!
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I wonder if the product has any risk and if the USB cable came with ear Earphone?

Answer: The product comes with a very short USB cable (about 10 ” or 250 mm) that connects to a plug so you can charge in an outlet. It also comes with 3 different size earplugs so you can choose the size that fits best for you. Another feature I like is when you get an incoming call, the headset asks: Do you want to answer or ignore? if you say “answer”, it automatically answers the call which is great when you’re driving. In addition, when you turn on the headset it automatically tells you how much battery life you have (in hours).
9.3 Total Score
Good Sound, Smart Features and Long Talk Time

When you can spend over $300 for a mobile phone headset, the Legend provides lots of great features for a reasonable price.

Talk Time
Ease of Use
Sound Quality
  • Lightweight
  • 7 Hours Talk Time
  • Uses Voice Assistant
  • Reasonable Price
  • Good Button Placement
  • Earbuds are Somewhat Fragile
  • Short Charging Cord
User Rating: 5 (1 votes)


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