OtterBox Defender Series Screenless

Why Use OtterBox?

OtterBox is a well-known name in phone cases, and the OtterBox Defender Series is the flagship of the brand. I have owned others in the past with excellent results.

Last December, I upgraded to the iPhone X and obviously wanted protection. I didn’t find a waterproof  iPhone case that scored high, so I opted for something else and chose the screenless version for the iPhone X and Xs.

Phone cases generally fall into two categories:

  1. Function – Protect my baby, please
  2. Fashion – Yea, that’s my phone, now look away fool

This big papa OtterBox is a function case, rugged and more of a Ford F-150 than a Bentley. Disclaimer, I have only seen one Bentley and have no idea what cases would be inside one. Been in a lot 150’s though.

Here is our review score. Keep reading for our full review of the OtterBox Defender Series.

8.3Expert Score
Bulky but Good

The quick review is the case protects my phone against drops and is in great shape after a year of daily use. The port covers over the volume control, and the power outlet is stiff and takes a while to soften up. The belt-clip holder is OK but wearing it feels a little Ned Flanders. Overall, the case does the trick to protect against normal wear and tear. I would purchase it again.

Ease of Use
Belt Clip
  • Protects against falls – tested
  • Buttons work
  • Comes with a dorky belt holster
  • OtterBox limited lifetime warranty
  • Port covers are very stiff at first
  • Big
  • Belt Clip works, but so-so

Are there any known OtterBox issues?

Numerous online reviews report the Camo version has problems with the graphics failing.

What are the OtterBox Specifications?

Model #: 77-61663

Dimensions: 6.05 (length) x 3.25 (width) x 0.61 (thickness) inches

Weight: 4.6 ounces

There is an internal plastic shell with a rubber outer slipcover. Two rubber port covers provide protection of the mute button and power input with openings for the speakers and camera. A cutout to allow viewing of the apple logo is covered with clear plastic. Quick buttons for volume control and power are on either side. These work well.

Can you do wireless charging?

This box is compatible with Qi Wireless Charging. I use it with my Anker PowerWave Charger.

My testing includes desktop, lab, and fieldwork.

  1. Desktop – Online research
  2. Lab – Monkeying around with all the features in-house
  3. Field – Taking it into the wild and giving it a go

I don’t know exactly how many times I have dropped this on the ground, but over a dozen. There has been no damage.

OtterBox Case Performance

Buttons – The only knock I have is the port covers over the mute, and power access points are very stiff for the first couple of months.

Screen Cover – This version is screenless with no part to review here. I purchased the JETech Screen Protector.

OtterBox Belt Clip

The belt clip works as a kickstand by securing the hinged part of the clip to the case. This only position available is portrait viewing.

I do not think the feature has much appeal. The angle of the stand is steep, and when sitting at a typical desk, it isn’t enough for facial recognition. It also limits viewing. If it were resting closer to eye level, it might have more appeal. I think this is a feature that can be done with the belt clip but probably doesn’t see much use. If I am wrong, please let me know.

Look and Feel

This is my third OtterBox, and they all seem rugged, including this one. It changes the sleek feel of the iPhone to a more industrial feel. I wish I trusted myself more because a new iPhone out of the box is a thing of beauty. Jamming it into a big rubber case is a little sad.

OtterBox Review Conclusion

This one is performing great.

OtterBox FAQs from around the web

Does the iPhone X overheat when in the case?

My phone hasn’t had any problems with overheating with the case on. No reports online were found.

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Is the case screenless?


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Are there any problems with voice quality?

My phone has no problems, and none found online.

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Does this case fit both the iPhone X and Xs?


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Are these cases compatible with Face ID, Portrait Lighting, Super Retina Display, true tone technology, Bluetooth 5.0, etc.?

From the manufacturer: All OtterBox cases are designed for full compatibility with device features and functions.

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Is the OtterBox defender waterproof?

No, OtterBox cases do not claim to waterproof.

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Does the hole over the logo on the back have plastic?

Yes, there is plastic covering the hole over the logo.

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Does the case cover the speakers at the bottom?


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Does the belt clip work as a kick stand?

Yes, the belt clip does work as a kickstand, but only in portrait mode.

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How to get the belt clip to work?

The clip end nearest the spring pushes into a holder clip.

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