LifeProof iPhone 5/5s Armband

If you are reading this, upgrade your phone already. LifeProof makes decent gear and this iPhone armband fits the bill. There are more positives than negatives and it will work as advertised. The positives include an adjustable strap, strong clip to hold the phone and a cushioned pad.

Research for the Phone Armbands

My wife and I are avid walkers. During the spring/summer/fall we walk at least 6 miles a day and we always have a phone playing music. Our search for armbands is continual and we have been reading and testing various ones for the last ten years.

LifeProof Armband Specifications

The armband is designed to fit all LifeProof frē and nüüd iPhone 5/5s cases.

The armband is reported to fit biceps measuring 10” to 15.2”. My guns are at 13” and this fit fine. The strap width is 65mm.

The dimensions 2.8 X 3.5 X 5.4 inches with a weight of 3.84 ounces.

LifeProof Armband

There are two components for the phone including the strap which is breathable spandex with padding and plastic case. The company states this band is shockproof.

LifeProof Armband


I field tested this one extensively over the last three years. So much so, that I had to purchase another strap as the first one wore out. It lasted hundreds of hours of running/waking in all sorts of weather and never fell out.

I like this one a little better on skin than over the sleeve of a pull-over.


As an avid stepper I test numerous armbands annually. Almost all armbands have some fabric or foam that absorbs sweat and, over time, odors. This one did require washing and the company recommends a hand wash.

Most hook and loop straps eventually wear out and require replacing. I wore one strap out and replaced the strap. This was purchased in 2016 and was used into 2018. So, approximately 1 strap every year or so. My use was heavy and the life space on the strap was expected.

The look and feel are mostly good. The only negative is that the strap can pinch sometimes. If it is not clean, it can also leave a little smell on the arm. These issues are common with most armbands.

Conclusion for the LifeProof iPhone Armband

The armband is well made with a strong lock for the phone. Both features considered give a score above average. The performance is slightly above average with a slight deduction for the handwashing instead of machine wash, or no wash required. This armband does deliver as advertised.

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8.5 Total Score
LifeProof Adjustable iPhone Armband – It does the trick

Finding the perfect armbands for your phone for all occasions is tough. This LifeProof armband is a good option for walking, running and many other activities.

Look and Feel
  • Adjustable
  • Easy access to buttons
  • Clip holds well
  • Will stink and requires hand wash
  • Not a generic armband
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